Da Vinci Bed Levelling Nuts

If you’ve had to calibrate the heated bed of your Da Vinci 1.0, you’ll know that this is a painful process. Apart from the entire calibration process being hit and miss and the routine being tediously slow, the stock thumbscrews are a difficult to manipulate.

To improve a difficult process, I recommend that you download and print these replacement bed levelling nuts. If you are avoiding the process of calibrating your bed, that’s a wise move. But its still a good idea to print them out and have them ready for the time when you do have to calibrate your bed.

They are quick to print and only require three 3mm nuts and some super-glue. Print settings that worked for me are 30% infill and normal thickness walls. Once printed, the 3mm nuts were a press fit into the hexagonal hole. When the 3mm nuts are in place, I added a few dabs of super-glue to secure them in position.

Install the longer adjusters at the rear and the short one at the front. (In retrospect it probably wouldn’t hurt to install a long adjuster at the front instead of the short one.) Replace the stock thumbscrews one at a time. With one hand, hold the bed in position, with your free hand, wind off the stock thumbscrew and remove. Whilst still holding the bed in position, install the new adjuster. Repeat for all three thumbscrews.

Da Vinci bed levelling nuts

When you do have to calibrate your bed, you’ll notice that your new adjusters are simpler to access and manipulate. Additionally, due to their shape, its easier to gauge how many degrees they have been rotated.

For more ways to improve your Da Vinci prints, check out the Tips and Tricks page.

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