VQB71 – Seven Segment Display

A while ago I picked up these VQB71 seven segment displays.

Some VQB71 seven segment displays.

These displays are a quad inline package (QIP) and they are not breadboard or protoboard friendly.

Nonetheless they are a unique looking display.

VQB71 seven segment display

There’s not a great deal of information on the device’s dimensions or the internal connections. From the limited information I could find, these devices were made by a German manufacturer called WF Berlin who made other electronic components.

Its a common cathode display and it features two cathode pins. Each cathode powers different segments, so make sure you connect both cathodes if you’re testing one of these devices. The max continuous current per segment is 15mA.

I plan to use these in a digital thermometer project.

3 thoughts on “VQB71 – Seven Segment Display

  1. “WF Berlin” stands for “Werk für Fernsehelektronik Berlin” (“Factory for TV Electronics Berlin”). This was a East German Manufacturer (GDR) for electronic devices from small (like your display) to large (classical TV picture tubes).

    After the Reunification of Germany this company like most others had no chance to survive. Samsung tried to establish a research center there in 1994 and closed it in 2005. There are some spin off companies around.


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