Keep On Making Ahmed

Sad news from the USA that a fellow Maker, Ahmed, was falsely accused of using his skills for evil. The young inventor had re-purposed a clock and built it into a case with a custom power supply and this was mistaken for a “B-word”.

So, I went looking through some old stuff and quickly found this incriminating photo. The energy-meter hack has everything you need to be accused of making a “B-word”; a digital display, obscure looking device that connects to a computer, electricity and colourful wires.

An innocent energy-meter that has been hacked up or a “B-word”?

Following his arrest, Ahmed did an interview with a local news station. Behind him during the interview was his room of electronics, I’ve got one of those too.

Room with electronics. Anyone want to help me clean-up?

Keep on Making Ahmed.

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