MicroLogix 1400 PLC Teardown


Introducing the MicroLogix 1400 PLC (1766L32BXBA) from Allen Bradley.

A PLC – Programmable Logic Controller – is a device that is widely used in industry for controlling electro-mechanical processes. They are a different beast to your Arduino – you don’t get much change from $1500 for this model PLC – being that they are more robust in construction and flexible to program (PLC ladder logic or statement list programming is a different approach than using a language such as C).

This model is considered a ‘shoebox’ PLC due to its size being about the size of a ‘shoebox’. It is by no means the largest or most powerful PLC that you’ll find but it is definately not a slouch for small to medium automation tasks.

A quick rundown on this device’s specifications;

  • 24VDC power input
  • 24x inputs – 20x digital and 4x analogue
  • 14x outputs – 12x digital and 2x analgoue
  • A combination of relays and FETs for the digital outputs
  • 12bit analogue input and output resolution
  • Each digital output channel can individually drive 2.5A
  • Individual ethernet and RS-232 communications ports
  • Input and output expansion cards can be added
  • A programmable LCD
  • Is fully operational when subjected to -20 to 60C temperatures

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